Vote Eric underwood for county commissioner - District 2: Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020


To my neighbors, friends, and family,

I hope to serve the community and grow relationships in Lancaster County.  Our county faces many challenges.  We strive for a safe environment for families and children, to find identity in our work and production to support our families, and a culture that respects the life and dignity of all persons.  The strength of community is found in the pride and conviction we have to do what is right.  This inspires hope in the spirits of young and old.

I have three simple beliefs for this campaign.

  1. I believe an elected official needs to be CONNECTED to the community in which they represent.

  2. I believe that by being connected to the community an elected official is better prepared to SERVE their community.

  3. I believe a better prepared elected official gives a VOICE to their community.

I hope these beliefs resonate and convince you to support this campaign.  You will have a voice when I am elected.  Please feel free to contact me.  I appreciate your support and the opportunity to serve you.


--Eric Underwood

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